Our team at the Canadian Children’s Art Foundation is devoted to inspiring and supporting young talents all over Canada. We are arts enthusiasts who believe in the importance of instilling the creative mind and appreciation for the art to the children of Canada. We work collaboratively to build a new culture for the new generation of innovative thinkers.

Meet the dedicated members of our team.


Nahal bahrman

Founder and Director of Canadian Children’s Art Foundation

Nahal is a mother, entrepreneur, educator, manager, curator and children’s book illustrator. With a Master’s degree of Illustration and her artistic experience, she now directs the Canadian Contemporary School of Art, an art school for children of all ages and the Canadian Children’s Art Foundation. She hosted Canada’s first Children’s Art Competition in 2018 and managed over 700 entry submissions through execution, exhibition, and publication. She manages the team and oversees all operations and events.


Nazli ccaf.jpg

Nazli soltani

Executive Manager of Design and Evaluation

Nazli has a Bachelor’s degree of Psychology, Bachelor’s degree of Interior Design and Degree in Pottery and Sculpture. Along with her education she has extensive experience in design and fine arts and has spent almost 15 years in the industry. She works closely with Nahal and Alex in designing and evaluating the projects of the Canadian Children’s Art Foundation. Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, design and implementation, Nazli monitors and evaluates a program’s planning and performance.


Elnaz copy.jpg

Elnaz aghdam

Business Development Manager

Elnaz has a MBA from Iran University of Science and Technology, specializing in clients liaison. She oversees business marketing, communication, and development closely by providing support in execution. She works with Nahal to strategize programs and goals for the foundation, and manages large, complex engagements, financial performance and communications.


asifa asefi

Creative Director

Asifa has a Master’s degree of Illustration and is in charge of all design initiatives such as product design, graphic design, and package design. She works closely with Lucia, the Marketing Manager to maintain and communicate the image of the Canadian Children’s Art Foundation to promote our objectives in all advertising and marketing initiatives. She has strong experience in budget management, planning and reporting as well as outstanding artistic design experience.


Lucia eunjung Choi

Marketing Manager and Outreach Coordinator

Lucia is a young marketing professional with a Bachelor’s degree in distinction of Sociology and Visual Studies with a passion and background in fine arts. She works directly under Nahal and Asifa to assist in the execution, maintenance, and optimization of marketing and outreach strategies. Lucia leads digital marketing and transformation strategies for all campaign and promotional initiatives including print, email, social media, site management. Lucia is also responsible for public relations between internal partners and external agencies.


Alexandra Eley

Art Administrator and Grants Manager

Alex is graphic designer and an illustrator with a Degree in Graphic Design and a background in fine art who brings her insight of aesthetics and originality with her as an Art Administrator. She organizes new projects and initiatives, arranges event scheduling, booking and budgeting through project research and planning. She is responsible for the acquisition and allocation of grants, donations and funding for the Canadian Children’s Art Foundation.


diana minkova

Editor in Cheif

Diana organizes all publications of the Canadian Children’s Art Foundation as she creates editorial boards and oversees the special projects to ensure each issue is release on time. She reviews all articles, photographs, art work submission, and in-house designs for quality and accuracy. She works closely with Asifa as an ambassador to children’s creativity in setting the strategy for the issue, decisions on design, and revision.