Our Mission

The Canadian Children’s Art Foundation is Canada’s only foundation working with individuals, corporate partners, and government agencies to support and celebrate the children’s creativity in Canada.

We have a clear vision for Canada - a country rich with creative and innovative minds where every child can experience the joy and benefits of the arts. We aspire to embrace the broadest range of the arts expression through a multi-disciplinary, innovative, and resilient contemporary arts practice for children. Our mission is to support and promote the visibility and vibrancy of the contemporary visual arts ecology in Canada among the youth, advocating for public awareness of the value of art. By building recognition and support for the extraordinary and dynamic value of the arts, we aspire to spark every child’s inner artist.

The Canadian Children’s Art Foundation strives to overcome obstacles to make art accessible and engaging for children across the country. It is our belief that the arts play an invaluable role in the development of young minds’ sense of self and others which will inspire lifelong innovative thinking.

We believe that the arts help neighbourhoods, cities, and countries thrive vibrantly. By providing opportunities for children to participate in creative and educational events and activities we aim to establish an arts education resource that compensates for the shortcomings and inaccessibility of existing institutions. Nurturing a passion for the arts and an insight into professional creative industries will reinforce the value of the arts in children so that they can better realize their aspirations.

We hope our work here in this foundation will inspire you to join our cause and make your own contribution towards building a brighter Canada.



Our vision

  • National: Empowering the youth residing in Canada by investing in the artistic talents and interest of children to increase the country’s future vitality.

  • Inclusive: Creating spaces for children’s perspectives and experiences that have been and continue to be overlooked in contemporary art and culture by engaging with children of every background and socioeconomic status, bridging and celebrating the cultural diversity and equity in arts creation.

  • Interdisciplinary: Adapting and promoting dynamic media and practices of art such as architecture, animation, fashion design, and film making beyond the traditional fine arts for the children and youth of Canada.

  • Educational: Developing a thriving arts ecology that fosters creative and innovative thinking in children, institutionalizing the promotion of imagination, self-expression, and creativity to fuel the next generation of Canada’s creative industries and talents across the country.